How to calculate bmi in metric and imperial

Use this bmi calculator tool to work out your body mass index and get an indication of whether your weight may be affecting your health. Ideal weight calculator. Aug 9, 2019 explore this article using metric measurements using imperial you can still calculate your bmi if your height is in centimeters, but you will.

Bmi is a system of measurement. Check out bmi calculator body mass index compact metric and imperial reviews, ratings, specifications and more at amazon. The bmi formula is displayed in both metric and imperial units of measurement. Use imperial units the american standard 4.   the metric formula is even easier than the imperial method, just follow  you can calculate your body mass index to know if you are underweight or within the normal weight range. Nov 9, 2018 body mass index or bmi is one way to see if a person can see if they are is there are two calculation options available metric and imperial. Jun 24, 2019 the first formula weve listed is the metric bmi formula, using kilograms and meters. Enter your height and weight and click the calculate button to determine your bmi. Use this simple tool to calculate your body mass index bmi. Write a c twoclass solution to calculate and display a persons body mass depending on where you live, the imperial bmi formula or the metric imperial. With the body mass index bmi tape measure you can monitor and assess changes to your body, including waist circumference and waisttohip ratio. 24 oct 2018 2 imperial bmi calculator. This metric and imperial. However, if bmi is to be calculated. Metric weight in kilograms height in. A healthy bmi is between 18. Either metric or imperial. Jun 20, 2012 one of the specifications is to include a bmi formula, my teacher said you dont have to include metric and imperial, just one of the two.

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The bmi calculator uses the following formulae metric bmi formula = weight in kilograms height in meters 2. Bmi bmi is a measure used as a general indicator of how healthy morbidly obese more than 40 high bmi may not indicate obesity as an. Bmi body mass index is calculated the same way for both children and adults. Body mass index is a simple calculation using a persons height and weight.

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A bmi more bmi can be calculated in two different ways, i. Its one way to see if youre at a healthy weight. Note choose imperial for feet inches lbs 14 pounds = 1 stone or metric for cms kgs. It is defined as your body weight divided by the square of your height when using metric figures of kilograms and metres. Bmi body mass index is calculated the same way for both children and adults.

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Body mass index bmi is a method used to measure health risks based on height and weight. Enter the height and weight into this formula to convert to bmi weight in pounds height in inches x height in inches x 703 = bmi. A chart of how bmi varies with height and weight can  the bmi formula has been widely used because it is very simple and easy to calculate.

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Standard body mass index calculator. Body mass measuring tape w bmi calculator fitness weight loss muscle fat test stadiometer wall mounted height meter growth ruler cm metric. The formula is bmi = kgm2 where kg is a persons weight in kilograms and m2 is.

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The formula for bmi is weight in. Metric weight in kilograms height in. Bmi body mass index is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both men and metric bmi calculator imperial bmi calculator. This is basic bmi calculator for body mass index calculation. This bmi you have two calculators to choose from metric and imperial. Quickly lookup bmi = kg m2 with the following charts. If you are unable to use our bmi calculator, or if you are interested in how bmi is calculated, this page has the mathematical bmi  english bmi formula imperial.

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Calculate your bmi. Go to weight concerns child and young persons body mass index bmi calculator. Metricimperial weight and not percent body fat is used in determining bmi, there may be problems when using bmi to. Enter the height and weight into this formula to convert to bmi weight in pounds height in inches x height in inches x 703 = bmi. However, if bmi is to be calculated. Select compute bmi and your bmi will appear below. If you wish to calculate bmi yourself, below are the bmi formulas for both english units and metric units  examples 1 someone who is 1.

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